Is hospitality administration a good career?

While hospitality careers are already booming, they are expected to increase in the coming years. Hotel management jobs of all kinds are essential to creating the complete guest experience. Beyond front-line careers that can put you in direct contact with guests, a degree in hospitality management opens a variety of doors for graduates. There are many ways to use a hospitality degree.

Graduates continue to have careers in hotels, restaurants, event venues, marketing, casinos, and more. But to succeed as a hospitality manager in any industry, you'll need to be personable, well-organized, and able to think quickly. One of our previous articles covers these pros and cons of the hotel career in greater detail. Many hotel management skills are transferable, so you can switch from one sector to another and take advantage of new opportunities.

The satisfaction of making people happy is one of the advantages of working in the hospitality field. The Bureau of Labor Statistics provides labor market information for management occupations, including hospitality management, indicating faster than average growth for all management occupations through 2029.Hospitality management degrees provide graduates with a strong set of transferable skills, which are in high demand in other sectors. Hotel management is the ideal professional option for those who enjoy traveling, working with people from diverse demographic groups and adding a touch of emotion to everyday life. From food, wine and beverage pairing to convention sales and administration, each of these classes exposes students to various aspects of the industry that will be useful in their future careers in hospitality management.

The most important skill any aspiring hospitality manager can have is to be attentive to the customer experience. The Cornell Peter and Stephanie Nolan School of Hospitality Management offers a degree in Hospitality Management, allowing you to achieve your hospitality management dreams. This could lead you to a position in the best hotel brands, boosting your career in hotel management. Take a look at the website snapshot that includes some supporting data that shows how the travel and hospitality industry is getting back on track.

Consider the success of these Nolan School alumni, whose education has allowed them to take advantage of non-traditional hospitality management job opportunities. The difference between these two courses is that hospitality management degrees focus more on students' social skills. The hospitality and travel industry has been one of the few industries that has only experienced growth in recent decades. Hospitality is an industry that involves administrative, operational and commercial aspects that can be applied to any area of interest that prioritizes service.

Learn more about opportunities to lead in the hospitality field and how earning your degree in Hospitality Management at the Cornell Nolan School can provide you with the skills needed to innovate and instill a philosophy of hospitality as the cornerstone of your career.

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