15 Highest-Paying Hospitality Jobs

The hospitality industry is a lucrative field, with high-level jobs offering six-figure salaries. To reach the top of the totem pole, however, you need specialized hospitality education, training, and experience. Are you wondering how to get there? Check out these 15 high-paying hospitality jobs that will help you reach the top. Casino managers oversee everything that happens in a casino, from managing employees to dealing with customers and enforcing gaming rules. This job generally requires a degree in hospitality or business.

Do you prefer working with buildings and mechanical systems rather than interacting with people? Work in the hospitality industry as a chief engineer. Chief engineers are in charge of everything related to the maintenance and facilities of a hotel. Hospitality sales jobs are also in high demand. As a hotel sales manager, you'll combine your knowledge of hospitality and sales to get more business for a hotel.

A degree in hospitality or marketing is required. Hotel operations managers are responsible for everything that happens in a hotel, overseeing food service, security, cleanliness and more. These managers need a degree in hotel management to work in the best hotels. Chef jobs are definitely one of the most creative jobs in hotels, justifying their label of higher-paying hospitality jobs. Food and beverage managers are often employees of restaurants, hotels, and large institutions, such as schools and hospitals. Creating and monitoring menus, controlling food costs and managing inventory are just a few of the tasks required for this diverse position. Being a food and beverage manager requires the ability to work with large teams in a fast-paced environment, rigorous attention to detail and, of course, a passion for food and beverages.

An executive chef is in charge of all food preparation and other culinary activities in a restaurant. Executive chefs help hire, train and manage other kitchen staff and waiters. They can also share some tasks with a food and beverage manager, such as managing inventory, purchasing orders, and forming restaurant policies. Being an executive chef usually requires extensive experience in the restaurant industry. While it may seem like sommeliers are paid to drink elegant wine (which they basically are), the profession requires in-depth knowledge that is built up over years of study.

Sommeliers have a deep knowledge of wines, which they use to advise restaurant customers on what wines they should pair with their meals. Sommeliers also often lead tastings of wine and other beverages. If you love to travel, it's hard to think of a better job than being a flight attendant (or pilot, for that matter). Flight attendants work to ensure the safety and comfort of passengers during flights. Flight attendants can work domestically, flying on shorter flights between states or internationally on long-haul flights.

Hostesses often spend time where they travel for work and, in addition to their annual salary, they tend to get significant discounts on airline tickets, making it easier to travel around the world. An executive pastry chef is responsible for preparing desserts and baking bread in a bakery, restaurant or other culinary establishment. Its role also encompasses the development of new dessert and bread recipes, the inventory of ingredients, the control of costs and the management of other pastry employees. Executive pastry chefs often earn a pastry degree or are apprenticed to a pastry chef to gain skills in their craft. The hospitality industry is a place where experience is the most important thing. From being hired as a pastry chef to getting a job as a food and beverage manager, having experience is key to proving your worth.

You can also gain an advantage depending on the field in which you enter the hospitality industry through formal training such as cooking school or university degree in hospitality or different types of massage therapist certifications. Thousands of jobs in the hospitality industry are available to easily apply for on Glassdoor right now to start gaining the experience you need to get into one of the highest-paying hospitality jobs. This is one of the motivational quotes about hospitality to set the stage for the list of the 12 best hospitality jobs in the world. As a member you can upload up to five resumes each adapted to the types of hospitality jobs that interest you. Some fitness instructors gain knowledge needed for the job by participating in several fitness courses while others have completed specialized instructor programs and have specialized certificates or degree in health or fitness. Some employers prefer candidates who have an associate's degree or bachelor's degree for these types of positions while others seek people with general management or cleaning experience for available jobs. The Glassdoor blog offers valuable content to conscientious people looking for work and employees who are passionate about advancing and deepening their careers. So let's look on the bright side and explore some of the world's highest-paid hospitality jobs.

Keep in mind that schedules for these jobs tend to be everywhere with many shifts being done while everyone else is asleep. If you're looking for well-paying job in hospitality early in your career then event industry is your ideal place. While basic assistant work isn't extremely rewarding as you start climbing ladder there's disproportionate increase in income. In addition to all this ability to travel around world makes this hospitality job even more lucrative and popular. Some also call it best hotel jobs in world and wine expertise also comes with lot of monetary rewards. If you have right degree adequate amount of experience and love organizing events this will undoubtedly be extremely satisfying work option for you. This work also involves working with chef to choose wines that complement certain menu items and making suggestions to customers who request them.

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