15 Highest Paying Jobs in the Hospitality Industry

The hospitality industry is a lucrative field, with high-level jobs offering six-figure salaries. But to reach the top of the totem pole, you need specialized hospitality education, training, and experience. Are you wondering how to get there? Check out these 15 high-paying hospitality jobs that will help you reach the top. Casino managers are responsible for overseeing everything that happens in a casino, from managing employees to dealing with customers and enforcing gaming rules. This job generally requires a degree in hospitality or business.

Do you prefer working with buildings and mechanical systems rather than interacting with people? Consider a career as a chief engineer in the hospitality industry. Chief engineers are in charge of all aspects of hotel maintenance and facilities. Hospitality sales jobs are also in high demand. As a hotel sales manager, you'll combine your knowledge of hospitality and sales to bring more business to a hotel.

A degree in hospitality or marketing is usually required for this role. Hotel operations managers are responsible for everything that happens in a hotel, from food service to security and cleanliness. To work in the best hotels, you'll need a degree in hotel management. Concierge chefs are the main concierge at a hotel or resort. Their duties include maintaining hotel service standards, hiring and training employees, and supervising other hotel service workers to ensure guests are satisfied.

Professional qualifications for a chef and concierge typically include hotel experience, as well as management and customer service skills. An associate's degree or bachelor's degree in hotel or hospitality management can increase your job opportunities. Hotel controllers are financial managers who specialize in the hospitality industry. In this role, you'll manage the operations of the accounts department, overseeing budgets, cash flow analysis, and audits. Hotel controllers can work in a single hotel or manage the finances of an entire hotel chain. Guest relations officers greet guests when they enter the hotel, provide useful information about the hotel, help guests organize their trip, and address any customer complaints or pass them on to management.

To be successful in this job, you'll need a degree in hospitality management, business, or communications. Hotel managers are responsible for ensuring that their guests have an experience that exceeds their expectations. Thousands of jobs in the hospitality industry are available on Glassdoor right now to start gaining the experience you need to get into one of these high-paying positions. Room service attendants provide excellent customer service to guests while they're staying at a hotel. Job qualifications and skills vary, but most room service attendants have a high school diploma or GED certificate and previous experience in the retail or food service industry. Hotel maintenance workers troubleshoot and repair hotel equipment, facilities, and systems (including electrical and HVAC systems). Job qualifications vary but many take plumbing, cleaning, and carpentry courses to gain the experience needed for this job. Chefs and other food service workers also play an important role in the hospitality industry.

While the starting salary of these positions isn't always very high, they can allow for rapid growth to higher levels of salary ranges within the industry. These 15 highest-paying jobs in the hospitality industry will help you reach your career goals. With specialized education, training, and experience, you can make your way up to the top of this lucrative field.

Glenda Effler
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