Careers in Hospitality Management: Exploring the Possibilities

From food and beverage pairing to convention sales and administration, hospitality management offers a wide range of career opportunities. With a degree in hospitality management, you can pursue a variety of jobs, from hotel management to business initiatives. Many bachelor's degree programs in hospitality offer an industrial placement for one year, allowing you to put your academic learning into practice. This could create new job opportunities for industry professionals around the world from all sectors of the industry. Popular positions in hospitality management include secretarial and related occupations (8%), sales professionals, marketing professionals and related associates (7%), food preparation and hospitality trades (7%), and customer service occupations (4%).

To learn more about additional studies and to find a course that interests you, see Master's Degrees and search for postgraduate courses in hospitality management. You can also choose to work in one of the companies mentioned above, but in an area other than hotel management, such as human resource management, marketing or finance. A career in hotel management and operations can take you to locations around the world and immerse you in the food and beverage services industry, travel and tourism, as well as in the real estate, financial services and technology sectors within the hospitality industry. Consider the success of these Nolan School alumni, whose education has allowed them to take advantage of non-traditional hospitality management job opportunities. This means that you can apply your hospitality knowledge from your degree and your passion to a wide range of companies, from property and event management and marketing to tourism, entertainment, food and beverage management and entrepreneurship. A degree in hospitality management gives you an in-depth understanding of the structure and functioning of the hospitality industry and related industries. Opportunities abound for hospitality management students who have a passion for service and a desire for a career that allows for professional growth, creativity and fulfillment.

The Nolan School approach combines education not only in the philosophy of hospitality, but also in the understanding of how to use data to stay ahead of the competition and connect with customers. Traits of successful professionals working in event planning can include being flexible, working within a budget, and having a propensity for multitasking.

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